Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Melting Pot has Nothing on Miss T


How did I spend my Election Evening? Well, I spent it drowning in a pot of comfort food, while watching Obama's landslide victory over John McCain. I went to the best fondue place in Seattle . . . well its actually on Mercer Island. I brought a granny smith apple, roasted garlic bread and a bottle of pinot grigio with me, because this time it was Tiffany's turn to cook yummy food for me (hooray!).

I don't know how she does it but without fail the girl can turn gruyere cheese (3 types of it actually), garlic, fume blanc, brandy and nutmeg into melted deliciousness in about half an hour. My only job is to cut up the bread and the apple and uncork the wine-- quite the fair 'trade agreement' if you ask me. Her fondue is actually WAY better than the infamous Melting Pot. I kid you not. I recently went on a business trip to Spokane (or Spo-Kompton as some people like to call it) and went to the Melting Pot over there for a lonely fondue pot for one. Not only was the company bad (me, myself and I) but the food left a LOT to be desired after being spoiled by Miss Tiffany's fondue.

So, if you are ever in town visiting me and I ask you if you want to go to Tiff's for dinner . . . say yes, because its worth it!

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