Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vessel: An Unexpected Juxtaposition

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So, last Saturday I went to Vessel (1312- 5th Avenue, Seattle WA 98101 and I have been there several times before and I am always VERY impressed with both the ambiance and food at this lovely little wine bar.

The decor at this bar is nothing short of fabulous: modern, expensive and swanky. Lime green walls, fancy black and white wall paper, leather ottomans, ghost chairs and Bertoia style chairs at the bar. There is also a window bar area where you can sip your drink and watch the traffic on Fifth Avenue . . . like you are a live mannequin. Sexy. Did I mention that when you step in here you look like you travel with your own personal lighting crew? Always a plus, it is wonderful to look fantastic when you are visiting a place to see and be seen.

Here is the interesting twist: in this super mod world all the cocktails and small plates come out of the era epitomized by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, 1930s chic. The cocktails have titles like: Aviator, Rubicon and Cablegram. The cocktails are made with bitters made in house and premium liquor . . . delicious. In addition to great cocktails they also have rare wines from around the world, including some wines available in half bottles which give you about 2 and a half glasses of wine for the prices of 1 and a half glasses-- can't go wrong with that kind of a bargain.

The food is the reason I keep coming back to Vessel. Oh. My. God. The truffle oil mac and cheese (picture above), one word: amazing. There is plenty of other stuff on the menu . . . pot pie with ratatouille, etc. However, if you go to Vessel you MUST order the Mac and Cheese. It is a gourmet twist on a classic and it absolutely the best in Seattle, bar none.

On December 5th Vessel is throwing a party to celebrate "Repeal Day" . . . discount cocktails and food. Anyone interested in coming with me to sample drinks from a Casablanca-esque drink menu and the best mac and cheese ever???

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