Sunday, April 19, 2009

ART at the Four Seasons: A Little Disappointing


Kitchen Bar at ART. The colored lights that illuminate the bar change every 30 seconds or so.


Me at ART.


Tiffany at ART.

So, after quite the devastating Friday night (long story) and the crappiest week ever, Tiffany and I went to the new restaurant, ART, at the Four Seasons (99 Union Street, Seattle 98101). The place was very nice and had a good ambiance. Perhaps it is due to my rotten mood and general distaste for life right now, but overall, I was disappointed. The view of the water and the Olympics is fabulous, except for one enormous problem: it is blocked by a couple hideous industrial buildings including one with a huge "Public Storage" sign. Real classy.

We ordered Bellini's to start our evening and they were very good, but nothing SPECIAL. Then for appetizers we ordered the gnocchi with black Oregon truffles and the crab cake. The gnocchi was very good-- great combination of flavors including an unexpected sweetness. However, the verdict on the crab cake, not so good. The crab tasted "fishy" and was not very fresh. On top of that the filling was bland and so was the aioli . .. boo. If there is one thing that I HATE, it is a bad crab cake.

Then came the entrees. I ordered the wild salmon and Tiff ordered the ribeye. I will be honest, they get an A for their entrees. The salmon was on a bed of fabulous lobster mashed potatoes and it came with a cocoa-like, curry crust. It was wonderful. Tiff really liked her entree as well. The ribeye came with mascarpone butter and campari tomatoes. She kept making yummy noises and saying "Ohmigod", so I am guessing hers was succulent as well.

Dessert was . . . odd. I ordered the apple pie and out came an individually sized apple pie but it was in the shape of a CUPCAKE?!? The crust was really thick and hard to cut through and it was served on a teeny plate. I was seriously afraid my cupcake was going to go flying onto my lap or worse, another patron. The pie itself was okay, but to be honest, I can do better at home. So, I was disappointed. I HATE paying an arm and a leg for something that I can make better myself. Tiff ordered the creme brulee and yummy noises once again followed. So I am guessing the creme brulee was better than the apple pie.

The service was very good. Our water glasses never got even halfway empty and our waiter was very attentive, friendly, and cute to boot, I might add. I paid $87 for two drinks, half of two appetizers, an entree and dessert. So, the prices were not that bad, considering if you go to a comparable establishment you will probably pay at least $100 for a similar menu selection.

The other problem with ART is its patronage. Tiffany and I were the only patrons in the restaurant not eligible for medicare. I am not kidding, every other person in the restaurant was AT LEAST 55 or 60 years old. So it's not exactly the kind of place you meet your future husband, unless maybe you're an Anna Nicole Smith type. It's not exactly a happening place to see and be seen if you ask me. Perhaps we came on the wrong night and I will probably hit the lounge section of the restaurant for a happy hour, but if I see all geriatric faces again, I will not be back.

To sum up: good drinks, so-so ambiance, good service, great entrees and many, many old people are the things one finds at ART. If I go back and get a different impression I will let you know, but I am not optimistic.


  1. I agree about the "older" crowd there, but the best desert there is the Doughnuts!!!

    You should try Odd Fellows Cafe on 10th in between Pike/Pine's our new favorite place

  2. That's too bad:( We should go there and show those old buggers how to party!! :)