Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Casuelitas Happy Hour


Yesterday I went to happy hour in the sunshine and it was lovely. We (James, me and a few of his friends) started out at Amber and then headed to Casuelitas Caribbean Cafe and Rum Bar (81 Vine Street, Seattle 98121) in Belltown. When you walk into this small restaurant the smell of coconuts and Caribbean spices fills the air and you instantly feel like drinking a mojito. Lukcily, mojitos are $6 during happy hour. I didn't try a mojito, I stuck with the $3 well drinks. Unfortunately, the consensus of our party was that the well drinks were not nearly strong enough, but if you drink enough at $3 a pop they will get the job done. James and I split the shrimp ceviche and it was absolutely delicious and CHEAP. The one complaint I have about Casuelitas was the service, or shall I say, lack thereof. We waited over twenty minutes for the check once we asked for it and another ten for them to return with respective change and credit cards. Although slow, the staff was very friendly and apologetic. So I would recommend checking out the island themed happy hour, but only if you have time to go at laid-back, island pace.

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