Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TASTE Restaurant at Seattle Art Museum


I have been meaning to write about the TASTE restaurant at the Seattle Art Museum for quite awhile now. I was driving down First Avenue yesterday on my way to Home Depot (I am thinking of painting my bedroom) and I drove past the new Four Seasons-- which reminded me that I really need to go check out their new restaurant ART. Then, I drove past SAM and remembered how incredibly delicious the food and cocktails are at TASTE (1300 1st Avenue, Seattle 98101).

I have been to TASTE several times and I am always impressed by the interesting names they give their plethora of unique cocktails. For example, there is The Hammering Man (gin, lime juice, tonic and bitters), The Impressionist (pear vodka, triple sec, lime) and The Lusty Lady (grapefruit vodka, ruby red grapefruit juice, lychee)-- ha ha. The Lusty Lady cocktail is a shout out to the famous, landmark, strip club across the street that the swanky, new businesses can't oust from the neighborhood. The themed cocktails add charm to the small restaurant on the first floor of the museum. I will say that they should have marketed this restaurant differently, as it is supposed to be something of a wine bar and the wine selection isn't that wonderful. The wine by the glass selection is VERY limited, much more so than other comparable wine bars, and their collection of wines by the bottle isn't that vast either. So, go to TASTE for the appropriately named, charming and delicious cocktails, but go elsewhere for exploring wine.

The food at TASTE is very good also. I absolutely loved the griddled cheese and roasted tomato soup. I am not a huge fan of tomato soup, but this soup was amazing-- thick, flavorful and succulent . . . yummy! I have also had their pizza, which was good, except it had large blobs of goat cheese on it and I loathe goat cheese. So, it wasn't their fault that I didn't read the menu properly. The food menu reads a little bit foodie, but if you are foodie-vocabulary challenged do not fear! The menu is written in ostentatious language, but it is mostly comprised of American classics with delicious ingredients prepared with a gourmet twist.

So, next time you are exploring the newest exhibit at SAM (or hitting up the Lusty Lady-- to each their own) be sure to stop downstairs at TASTE and relax with a cocktail and some delicious food. I have to say the TASTE restaurant experience compliments the museum going experience beautifully-- a perfect pairing.

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