Friday, December 18, 2009

French Happy Hour at Bastille

A week ago on Friday night (which seems like an eternity due to the hellish week I've had) I met Matt at Ballard's newest french restaurant, Bastille ( or 5307 Ballard Avenue NW, Seattle 98107), for happy hour. I was excited to go because I keep reading mixed reviews about this place and I love french food-- well, most french food anyway.

We didn't have a meal, so I can't do a complete review, but we did have an appetizer and drinks. We ordered the steak frites au poivre to share and it was pretty good. Although we asked for the steak to be medium rare and it came out medium well on one half and pretty medium on the other-- not exactly even or what we ordered-- but it tasted fine and the french fries were great. I definitely would like to go back and try the duck confit (a bit of an obsession of mine since we went to Branzino-- I am even making duck for us on Christmas Eve!) and the macaroni gratin.

As for drinks I had a French 75 (gin, champagne, lemon and sugar) which was $9 on happy hour (seriously?!? that is pretty steep!) and a goose martini with a twist. The french 75 was pretty good, but I prefer cocktails to be strong and this one was a bit too girly, even for me. The service at the bar was great . . . not too attentive, not too busy . . . all we had to do is make eye contact with the bartender and he came right over to help us.

The ambiance was great!! Perfect lighting, black and white decor, tile everywhere, arches over the bar that looked like subway arches but at the same time were reminiscent of the Arc du' Triumph in ol' Paris. It was pretty loud in the restaurant due to the acoustics from all the tile, but I actually liked it. It was not SO loud that we had to scream at each other, but it was just loud enough that I felt like our conversation was private.

Overall, I had a very enjoyable experience and would VERY much like to come back for a dinner or another happy hour anytime!

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