Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Sweet Little 28th Birthday Celebration at the 35th Street Bistro

Nestled in a neighborhood north of downtown Seattle, a few blocks away from the infamous Fremont troll (which I saw for the first time on Friday!) sits a little bistro in the heart of Fremont (709 N. 35th Street, Seattle 98103 or http://www.35bistro.com/) called the 35th Street Bistro. Once upon a time (last Friday) a Birthday Princess (yours truly) was whisked away to dinner at this cute little bistro under the bridge near the troll by her Prince Charming (otherwise known as Matt). The Birthday Princess loved french food and wine, and she ate and drank until her heart was content and her head was in the clouds (you know, from the wine buzz).

Back to the real world (the proximity to the troll and the bridge made the fairy tale spoof a little too easy . . . sorry, I couldn't help myself), my birthday dinner was really wonderful. Matt picked the restaurant. I had never heard of it before, but he sent me a link to the menu and I was very excited to go!

The restaurant was very cute and I think he did a wonderful job picking a restaurant to match my tastes. As you can see in the picture above, the restaurant is small and cozy. It is covered in twinkling lights and has a tree in the middle of the dining room (also decorated in lights). The tables have candles and white table cloths . . . all very romantic. However, the floors are hardwood and a little slick; the clumsy, tipsy Birthday Princess almost fell on her well-heeled, royal ass on the way to the ladies room!

The food was great, but to be honest our server really made the experience at this restaurant great. When we sat down he brought bread and asked us if we would be drinking wine, we said yes and started reviewing our menus. Quite unexpectedly, the waiter returned a few minutes later with his two favorite wine selections-- one white and one red-- and offered to give us a taste to see if we liked the wine and so he could get a sense of our tastes so he could make good recommendations. Seriously? Wow. Service like this NEVER happens in Seattle unless you know the bartender or proprietor. I was impressed. When it came down to selecting dessert I told the waiter it was my birthday and he offered to bring us special birthday shots. Matt and I aren't ones to say no to free alcohol, and so he brought us two flatliners (stoli vanilla, godiva white chocolate, frangelico, espresso and a few other elements I can't seem to remember). The shots were very yummy and I was definitely appreciative. Like I said, the waiter really made our experience.

Now on to the food! We both ordered french onion soup to start. It was very flavorful and they were generous with the gruyere . . . can't go wrong with plenty of melted cheese! Then I ordered the poulet en cocette and Matt ordered the steak frites. I didn't try and of his steak, but it was gone by the time dinner was over and he said that the butter on top of it was really good. I did try the frites and they weren't bad (but it is pretty hard to screw up french fries). The poulet was very good, and the broth it was served in was wonderful. My only complaint is that the chicken was on the bone and really difficult to cut properly and the potatoes were so tender that they kept falling apart before the fork could reach my mouth. However, it tasted great and that is what is important. I paired my dinner with a chardonnay and I think that was the right way to go, even though our thoughtful waiter recommended a pinot gris. For dessert we ordered the orange creme brulee, which came with chocolate cookies, and the cookies paired with the orange flavor was really, really good.

I would definitely go back to the 35th Street Bistro again. Seasonally they have duck confit (not right now though) and I'd like to try that dish. They are also rumored to have an amazing Sunday brunch and I think that would be a great way to spend a lazy Sunday morning.

Overall my birthday and Valentines day weekend was great! I am very blessed.

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