Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SAM Remix: More Fun Than I Expected

This isn't a restaurant review per se, but it is a review of a Seattle local flavor activity . . . definitely something that fits under the "Good Life" heading.

On Friday Matt and I went to the Seattle Art Museum Remix event. I am a member of the museum and had never been to an event. They have three Remix events every year and from the description it seemed like it could go one way or the other: super fun and hip or really lame and boring. I am pleased to report that the result was the former of the two!

Thank God that I had walked down to the museum during my lunch hour and bought tickets because when we got there around 8:30 pm (event went from 8 pm to midnight) the line for tickets was wrapped around the block. The next day I read on the SAM facebook page that they were sold out and turning people away! We were able to walk right in the front doors, wait in a short line to get our tickets checked and then another short line to get our ID's checked for our drink bracelet (this is an 18 and over event . . . note to SAM: it would be easier if you would just make it 21 and over, like any other event worth attending).

When we finally got to the main floor we were both pleasantly surprised. The normally stark white museum was transformed with colored lights, a DJ and several bars all under the blinking lights of the car installation overhead. The music was pretty good and the people at the event were mostly well dressed 'hipsters' (God, I hate that word and the fact that it is a necessary part of a Seattle dwellers vocabulary). Although I did see one chick wearing some Frederick's of Hollywood thigh highs with red bows . . . it's not Halloween honey. There were live models posing for people to draw on easels, dancing performance artists, and randomly a bearded lady contest (hilarious).

Our first order of business was to order drinks and people watch. We ordered two double vodka sodas to start, which only cost us $19 plus tip, not bad at all. We sat on a bench and watched the interesting people walk by . . . and believe me, there were many fun characters to watch. Then we went and explored the museum. Matt had never been in the museum. Do not ask me how this is possible, especially considering that he has been dating me all this time and I LOVE the museum. Anyway, we walked around the galleries and it was really fun for me to see his reactions to all the amazing pieces we have in our city. He was like, "Wow! Is that a Warhol?" I walked him around and showed him the Warhol's, the Lichtenstein's, the Pollock and even the Calder exhibit (which neither one of us really "got", but that is okay). After we wandered around the galleries, we went back downstairs ordered more vodka sodas, listened to the DJ and watched the drunk people dance. We both had a good time and it was definitely a fun, out of the norm night for us. I think that I'll go to a Remix event once a year from now on, just to see the people and mix it up a bit.

On a side note, after we left the museum we walked across to the ART bar at the Four Seasons. If you are a loyal reader you may remember that I reviewed this restaurant about a year ago to the conclusion that only geriatrics frequent the joint. However, this time around (at about 11:30 pm in the bar) I had a much different experience. All the people were around our age and seemed sophisticated and generally good looking. What a difference! Unfortunately, our service was not as great as it was the first time I was at ART. Our waitress took FOREVER to take our order, bring us our cocktails and even longer to offer to bring the bill. Needless to say we only stayed for one drink, but it was a VERY pleasant environment and the drinks were yummy.

SAM Remix followed by drinks at ART made for a fabulous, colorful Friday night on the town in otherwise dreary, gray Seattle.

Another view of the car installation at SAM . . .

I really need to start taking my own photos at these things. I will try to remember my camera next time for sure!

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