Monday, March 29, 2010

Spicy Friday Evening at Tango

Just a quick note here . . . on Friday Matt and I went to Barolo (1940 Westlake Avenue, Seattle 98101 or for happy hour (which is always great, but surprisingly packed full of people this time) and then decided to head somewhere else for dessert.

I suggested that we head up to Tango (1100 Pike Street, Seattle 98101 or because I had walked past it nearly every day last summer-- while I was trekking my broken self up to the chiropractor's office after my car accident-- and had always been curious. Turned out that Matt used to live a few blocks from there and claimed that their 'El Diablo' dessert was awesome.

We walked the 6 or 7 blocks up to the First Hill neighborhood and went to Tango. We ordered cocktails first. I had a mojito and it was pretty good (it didn't really compete with the pear mojitos at Ray's Boathouse, but it held its own). Then we ordered red wine and the 'El Diablo' (picture above). The dessert was spicy, chocolatey and decadent, and the unusual, surprising spicy kick went very well with my cabernet sauvignon. The dark decor and candles made the whole experience feel quite romantic as well. I would definitely recommend stopping in to Tango for dessert and wine . . . it definitely made for a wonderful, relaxing Friday evening for us.

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