Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Supersonic Gin & Tonics at Joey's

A couple weekends ago, when the sun was still shining and the temperature hadn't dipped below 60, Matt and I went to Joey's on Lake Union (901 Fairview Avenue N, Seattle 98108) to get some dinner and enjoy the view. We hadn't been to Joey's together since the first time we decided to hang out five years ago (all in unison: awwwwww). Anyway, we ate in the bar and people watched, as we always do . . . nothing is more amusing than judging other people while drinking! I am kidding (okay, not really).

The waitress came over and gave us a run down of the drink specials, which included a Supersonic Gin & Tonic for $5.99. Needless to say, I was intrigued. Turns out the Supersonic is a double gin and tonic with lime and a citrus vodka float (which is a big, boozy, ball of lemon slushy ice). I ordered one to go along with my evil chicken salad (chicken, mango, avocado, cucumbers, crunchies, a wedge of lettuce and spicy vinaigrette dressing). All in all a very summer appropriate meal. The Supersonic gin and tonic arrived and it was really yummy! It was like a cross between a margarita and a gin and tonic. All the slushy, citrus deliciousness of a blended margarita combined with the simple refresh of a gin and tonic. Matt tasted my drink and after he finished his martini he ordered one (and then another one) for himself!

Overall a great summer date night on Lake Union. If you make it out to Joey's this summer you must order a Supersonic Gin and Tonic, I know it sounds cheesy, but it is really yummy and a great price. It is rare to find a double well drink anywhere in Seattle for $6 and the Supersonic is a double plus a vodka citrus float; a great bargain in my book.

Let's hope this rain goes away soon and the sun starts making appearances on a regular basis! I am sick of this stupid rain and I am looking forward to barbecues and drinking on patios very soon.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dangerously Delicious Viognier Sangria

Yesterday was a gorgeous Seattle day! 70 degrees and super sunny . . . thank God May is here! Matt and I had a barbecue at his place and I decided to make a 'spring-y' cocktail for us to go along with our salmon, corn on the cob and bread (dinner was soooo good, btw!). I found a recipe for viognier sangria in Food and Wine magazine a couple years back and I have been waiting for an excuse to make it ever since. Of course, I have to wait until mangos are in season and available, lucky for me I spied some at Whole Foods last week.

The sangria is beautiful and yummy, but drinker beware because it packs a serious punch. It got me very drunk very fast, but I had a great night because of it.

To make the sangria you will need: 1/3 cup sugar, 1/3 cup water, 1/4 cup fresh mint, 1 whole mango cubed, 2 peaches sliced thin, 1 cup of Grand Marnier (I'm pretty sure this ingredient was the drunken culprit) and one bottle of viognier. You simply make a simple syrup out of the water and the sugar, wait until it cools and then stir all of the ingredients together. Serve in a highball glass over ice.

I just had to share this recipe with my on-line followers. Next time the Lord blesses us with some sunshine mix up a batch of this and I can guarantee you a fun filled, great day. I will, however, make no such statement about the next morning: painful and not-so-fun. Consider yourself warned.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco De Mayo 2010 Celebration

Below are a few pictures from my Cinco de Mayo celebration at Ricardo's Mexican Restaurant (4065 Factoria Blvd SE, Bellevue 98006 or www.ricardosmexicanfood.com) with Tiffany yesterday. Margaritas and chimichangas and tacos . . . oh my!

Me with a margarita the size of my head.

Tiffany enjoying her Corona.

Drinks with chips and salsa . . . yum!

The food at Ricardo's is pretty good, I personally am usually a very loyal Azteca lover, but Tiff hates Azteca so we always go to Ricardo's for Mexican together. The restaurant was CRAZY busy yesterday, but we were able to get seated after only a ten minute wait and our food and drinks arrived fairly quickly. Overall a delicious mexican feast. I left the restaurant stuffed!

Hope everyone had a happy Cinco de Mayo and made it to work this morning with out a pounding headache. Viva Mexico!