Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer BBQ: Grilled Salmon with Mango Salsa

This summer hasn't really been the summer of going out and trying new restaurants, but the summer of staying in and trying out new recipes. It has actually been really fun and surprisingly delicious! On Saturday night Matt and I made grilled salmon (with olive oil, dill, garlic and s&p seasoning), roasted asparagus, bread and mango salsa paired with a bottle of La Crema pinot noir that I had been saving for such an occasion. I also made grilled honeydew melon with lime sugar for dessert, which was refreshing and interesting. We pretty much ate until neither one of us could move and then vegged on the couch watching movies for the rest of the night.

Matt really liked the mango salsa that I made and wants me to remake it for us to take down to Cannon Beach in August. The salsa was sweet, salty and had quite the kick. I made it out of: lime juice, olive oil, cumin, cayenne pepper, cilantro, garlic, cucumber, red bell pepper, green onions, s&p and, of course, mango. It paired well with the flavor of the salmon, but would also be great as a stand alone with chips and sour cream. Definitely a cooking success story, although I had to buy out half the produce section at Whole Foods to make it happen *smile*.

This was our second barbecue of the year, but last weekend (when it was crazy hot outside) we did a picnic in the sculpture park. I made us some extremely yuppie sandwiches for the occasion: ciabatta bread, creamy brie, nectarines, arugula, roast turkey and honey mustard. They were pretty good, but next time I think they need more honey mustard and red onions, but overall quite tasty. I also brought along fruit, hummus, gouda and a bottle of gewurztraminer that I bought on my Woodinville wine tasting trip. It was a nice, relaxing date night and it inspired me to purchase an actual insulated picnic basket with utensils and wine glasses for us to use next time.

I am going to attempt to make jerk chicken with mango/peach chutney, black beans and rice sometime this week as well. I have been craving jerk chicken since I left St. Thomas last December and I think it will make a yummy summer evening dinner. I'll try to take a picture of that experiment and report back soon!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer days as much as I am because they are numbered this year. We need more sunshine, but if it could stay under 90 degrees I would appreciate that too.

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