Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Husky Picture Day 2010

Hi All!

So, this is definitely NOT a food post, but it definitely reeks of Seattle local flavor and I just had to write about my time at Husky Picture Day 2010. Everyone knows that I LOVE my Husky Football Team and that I have a silly, school-girl crush on Jake Locker.

Matt and I woke up early on Sunday morning, which was not easy because both of us had ridiculous hangovers from a long day of drinking in the pool on Saturday (we went through 5 bottles of liquor and 2 bottles of champagne between the 5 of us!) and dragged our cranky selves out to Husky stadium in the hopes of getting a picture with Coach Sark and Jakey-Poo. By the time we got there at 11:30, when the event started, the line to meet Jake was already hundreds of people long. We still stood in line, braving the 95 degree weather and the crying, vomiting children to try and get a picture with Jake. Unfortunately, we were not successful, but we did get a few fun pictures (posted below) and Coach Sark posted a cool video of the event on his blog (linked below).

Fan enthusiasm at the stadium on Sunday was VERY high and people are very optimistic about the upcoming football season. To tell you the truth, I am too! GO DAWGS!!!

Matt and I above the tunnel at Husky Stadium

Coach Sark signing autographs in his flip-flops.

Sark's tent at picture day (he was the only one that got a tent!)

Video from Sark's Blog. You get a good look at Sark, Locker and the other players.


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