Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thursday Evening at the Ballard Firehouse

Last Thursday night Matt and I visited the Hi-Life at the Ballard Firehouse (5425 Russell Ave NW, Seattle 98107 or www.chowfoods.com/hilife) for a light dinner and drinks. It seemed to be the proper choice because fall is definitely in the air and the Hi-Life is a warm, cozy environment with plenty of wood fire pizza and other comfort food.

Honestly, the highlight of my meal at the Firehouse was the Cherry Limeade (picture above) which is a boozy concoction of muddled lime and liquors, topped with a cherry which comes out pretty damn delicious.

The food at the Firehouse was okay, but not great, it is basically just bar food trying to trying to put on a fancy costume. For example, we ordered the calamari which came with what they described as "summer herbs" and a lime vinaigrette. Well, it was actually fairly chewy, unseasoned calamari COVERED in arugula and very little dressing. The bitterness of the arugula stole the whole show and the calamari flavor was barely present: it was kind of sad.

However, the wood fired pizza was very good. It had thin, fresh, crispy crust and just enough savory sauce. It would have been perfect with just a little bit more cheese, but overall the pizza was quite tasty and light. Just what I was looking for on that particular evening.

I'll probably go back to the Hi-Life at the Ballard Firehouse again, but I'll stick to their pizza and cocktails . . . no over-hyped, seemingly high end, bar food in disguise for me.

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