Monday, August 15, 2011

Wine Tasting at Woodland Park Zoo: Tipsy Animal Watching, No Children Allowed

Rachel, Me and Matt after purchasing our bottle of wine at Woodland Park Zoo
Picnic that I made for us to eat while wine tasting.

Last Thursday, was the Woodland Park Zoo wine tasting/fundraising event and me, Matt and my friend, Rachel, attended. This event intrigued me because I love to try new wines and because of the promise of being able to go to the zoo a.) tipsy and b.) without any children present. The tickets were $23 each (early purchase, at the door was $25) and that bought you entrance to a portion of the zoo and ten wine tasting tickets. They had food available for purchase or plenty of room in the grass around the tasting area to picnic (as we did).

There were 2 enormous tents set up and a little over 20 Washington wineries showcasing their wine for tastings and purchase. The nice thing about buying wine at this event versus a tasting room is that a portion of each bottle purchased goes to support the Zoo. There was a big variety of wine to taste and 85% of it was in the under $20/bottle range. There were tastings that were good (509 cellars has a great syrah and an even better viognier . . . another local winery for me to frequent! Yay!), tastings that were mediocre (most of them) and tastings that were just flat out awful (like the dry riesling I tried that tasted less like sweet grapes and more like garlicky spaghetti-- beyond nasty!).

After we were done with our ten tasting tickets, and were a bit tipsy, we all decided to buy a bottle of the 509 Cellars syrah and share it while walking around and visiting the animals. We saw the penguins, elk, brown bears, and even the nocturnal porcupines and wolves (which are never out during the day time when people usually go to the zoo). However, much to Matt's disappointment, the otters were no where to be found in their little pen . . . I guess they sleep at night like the rest if us.

Overall, wine tasting at Woodland Park was a really fun, summertime event and I will definitely plan on going to one of these events again.

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