Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Taste Washington Experience

This will be a quick blog post because although Taste Washington ( was a great experience, it was also VERY overwhelming and I don't think I could possibly write a specific review of everything I tasted there.

My friend Erin texted me about a month ago and asked if Matt and I would be interested in joining her for the Taste Washington event on March 31st. It sounded right up my alley and Matt never has a problem going anywhere where drinking is encouraged; so I happily agreed.

There were over 200 Washington wineries present at this event and they were all grouped regionally. So, it was like a day wine tasting in Yakima, Woodinville, Chelan and Walla Walla all wrapped into a 3 hour period. Sound overwhelming? It was. I probably tasted 20-25 wines and I remember a select few that I liked, but definitely not every single one. They didn't sell bottles at this event (which they should have!), which makes it even more difficult to remember the things you really enjoyed.

Oh well. We got quite tipsy after a few hours and in the PACKED elevator on the way out of the building Matt decided to do the 'washing machine'. Which, in case you aren't in the middle school know, is when you loudly say 'washing machine!' over and over again and spin around in place. The whole drunken elevator was laughing by the time we reached our destination. I love that man :)

The restaurants there were also quite good. The likes of Volterra, Assiaggo, Purple, The Dahlia Lounge and El Gaucho were present. However, surprisingly, the best thing I ate there the entire day was the Kalua Mahi Nachos from Anthony's at Pier 66. We had so much wine and ate so many bites that I could have eaten no dinner and been just fine.

Anyway, if you haven't been to Taste Washington before it is a great local event to check out and get your food and wine on!

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