Sunday, July 8, 2012

90s Nostalgia Heaven at Tulalip Ampitheater

Matt and I at Tulalip Ampitheater before the concert

Boyz II Men!! Shawn Stockman, Nate Morris and Wanya Morris
About a month ago I was sitting at work in my cube having kind of a bad day and Matt sent me a text message that said, "I bought you a present. Check your email."  Hmmm, okay . . . I opened my gmail and found a message titled "For you babe ;-)" and an attachment.  I downloaded the attachment, saw that it was tickets to see (my all time favorite group . . . seriously I was OBSESSED with them in middle school) BOYZ II MEN!  I nearly fell out of my chair and shrieked so loud that the girl in the cube next to me asked if I was okay! Best. Present. Ever!!

Honestly, I usually think that women that constantly brag about their husbands/boyfriends being the 'best ever' are beyond obnoxious, but I think Matt deserves some serious props for this one. Thank you, Love!!

I know this blog isn't about food, but as I have said in the past: this blog is about anything that brings flavor to my life. Boyz II Men definitely brought the flavor! They also brought along Salt N Pepa (who Matt was the most excited to see) and En Vogue as their opening acts.  I was in 90s Nostalgia Heaven!

Also, in case you're wondering, YES I took the picture of Boyz II Men above. YES I snuck up 30 rows to get it. And YES I ran away before security could kick me out.

I took a few videos of my favorite songs that were performed at the concert. I am not the greatest videographer, especially since I was trying to dance around and avoid getting other people's heads in the shot. However, the sound quality on these videos turned out surprisingly great and I want to share them with you guys so you can have your own nostalgia moment: ENJOY!!!

En Vogue singing "Free Your Mind" . . . wrote a song about it, like to hear it? Here it go!

Boyz II Men singing "On Bended Knee"

Boyz II Men singing "I'll Make Love to You"

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